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KCA Cricket Stadium at Krishnagiri

Off the beaten tourist track, Wayanad is one of the rare hill stations in India that still retains its pristine virginity. Verdant green hills in the backdrop with the lone sentinel hill watching over, temperate cool climate, lush green grass underfoot, this high altitude cricket ground, set into picturesque background is the crowning glory in KCAs cap.

A peek into History

Colin Cowdrey, famous English cricketer is recorded to have played cricket on this ground during his formative years. Though the Englishman left for good along with his countrymen a few years hence, they left behind the love for picturesque locations and a passion for the game we love. KCA brings these grand old days back to life at this brand new stadium

Wayanad, a tourist destination of choice, full of natural beauty and abundant wildlife, has an old association with cricket. Proximity to Tellicherry, the birth place of cricket in Kerala, made this beautiful land a hot bed of cricket at the turn of Nineteenth Century. Wayanad is history's paintwork of essential Kerala, and with its fabulous tourist infrastructure which includes some world renowned resorts, is all set to be the hub of Cricket tourism in India.

A word on whats there

The newly built high altitude Krishnagiri cricket stadium is ideally suited to be a practice ground for the national teams, practicing for overseas tours. KCA has will be adding state of the art training facilities, including a world class health club, and an Olympic sized swimming pool, making this one of the best cricket training grounds in the nation. The pavilion is designed to complement the picturesque background. Be wowed!

Whats there for you!

Leave behind the deafening snarl of traffic, the choke of your necktie, the dull throb of your keyboard fingertips! Don the whites, feel your fingers curling around the bat handle, breathe in the cool fresh breeze, watch the seasoned pro steam in from the other end. Keep your eyes on the short pitched one, step back and feel the thud of leather on willow, pull the ball over the leg-side boundary. Bring your dream team to Krishnagiri and play the match of your lifetime. Etch the moment into your personal history and live the fantasy of your boyhood . Krishnagiri Cricket Ground beckons you to your boyhood dreams.

At Krishnagiri,

Where pleasure meets with your passion!!!!

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